Program 2014

Thursday, September 25 – Evening of traditional songs

18h 30 Festival Opening

Attended by the Ambassadors of Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova and Romania. Speech in Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian (translation in French). Concert of the vocal ensemble ANCORA from Brussels, led by Adriana Oprescu: traditional songs in Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian. Presentations of the songs in French. Cocktail

Marcel Hastir Workshop
Rue du Commerce 51 1000 Brussels.
free admission

 Friday, September 26 – Documentary Evening

18h 30 Launch nonfiction book: The Transnistrian conflict.

Collection of documents and materials. Authors: Anatol Taranu and Mihai Gribincea. Editions Lexon-Prim, Chisinau, 2013 (Vol. I and II) and 2014 (vol. III and IV). Special guest of the Festival and host of the evening: Mihai Gribincea, Doctor of History and Ambassador of Moldova in Belgium. Presentation and debate in Romanian.

20h 00 Screening of documentary films

Special guest of the Festival: Anca Hirte, director and writer, with his latest film: On behalf of Mayor (În numele primarului, 2013, 53 ‘). Astra Price 2013 Best Romanian documentary. Screening/debate followed by three other documentaries from Moldova, Bulgaria and Greece. Films are in original language with subtitles in EN or FR. Presentation and discussion in French.

Embassy of Moldova in Belgium
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 57, 1050 Brussels
free admission

Saturday, September 27

20h 00 Concert DITHEN group (GR)

Vivi VOUTSELA (vocals), Giannis Karamanis (guitar) and Pantelis AGIUTANTIS (violin) interpret traditional songs of Old Constantinople (Karsilamas, Tsifteteli, Hasapiko) and songs of the villages and islands (Kalamatianos, Sirtos, Balos, Sousta).

Art Base,
Rue des Sables 29, 1000 Brussels.
Fee 12,50 euros (or subscription)
Mandatory booking on

Sunday, September 28 – Evening of ethno-folk music

18h 30 Concert of traditional and contemporary Romanian and Greek music.

RADUCANU Maria (voice) and Maxim Belciug (guitar): Romanian songs.
Asimina KARAMPEROPOULOU (voice), Yiannis Efstathopoulos (guitar) and Yiannis Rizopoulos (percussion): Greek songs.

Petit Théâtre Mercelis,
Rue Mercelis 13 1050 Brussels.
12,50 euros fee (or subscription)

Monday, September 29 – Evening of Poetry

19h 00 Poetry recital in the original languages ​​and in French translation

Anthology of classic and contemporary poets. Presentation: Laurent BÉGHIN. Recital in Bulgarian: Nadia ILIEVA. Recital in Greek: Aphrodite MARAVELAKI. Recital of french translations : Frédérique DÉJOU.

19h 30 Literary encounter with the famous Romanian poet Theodor RĂPAN, special guest of the Festival

Recital of poems, presentation of his work and autograph session: facilitator Remus NIŢĂ.

Glass of friendship

Marcel Hastir workshop
Rue du Commerce 51 1000 Brussels.
5 euros fee (or subscription)

Tuesday, September 30 – Discovery Day

8h 00 – 20h 00 Fair of traditional products and tourism

Tasting and sale of local traditional products: 12 stands representing different regions of Romania. Presentation of cultural travel in Romania and Moldova.

Esplanade of the European Parliament,
Free admission by
Place du Luxembourg, 1050 Brussels.

10h 00 – 12h 00 Conference on rural and cultural tourism

Representatives of all the countries of the Festival, as well as Belgium and the European Parliament, have the challenges of this type of tourism increasingly popular today. Presentation and discussion in French and / or Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian.

European Parliament,
Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels.
Mandatory Access cards.

19h 00 Show folk dances of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

Closing Festival.
Slideshow of photos depicting the 2014 edition: Mythical Lands.
Glass of friendship.

Petit Théâtre Mercelis,
Rue Mercelis 13 1050 Brussels.
12,50 euros fee (or subscription)